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How to get sick leave?


How to get sick leave without getting sick

The result will depend on both your ability to portray the unfortunate patient and the mood of the doctor. But most importantly, this method is simple and safe.

Go to the therapist at your clinic. For example, sutra, on the way to work.

Remember the main rule: if you lie, be brief.

Say that already the second day in the evening you begin to shiver and the temperature rises to 37.4 ° C. In the afternoon, the temperature is normal, but weakness is felt.

If they ask why you didn’t come on the first day, say that you wrote off your ailment to fatigue and decided that it will pass by itself.

When the doctor starts asking you about other symptoms (in addition to chills and fever in the evenings), do not ascribe everything to yourself - it will look suspicious.

If you decide to add a symptom for persuasiveness, then confine yourself to a runny nose and headaches.

Be careful of symptoms such as coughing and sore throat (if none), they can be easily checked.

The doctor will ask if you work and whether you need sick leave. You should not start a conversation about sick leave yourself, at least before the doctor prescribes treatment for you.

The therapist will open you sick leave for 3 days.

The sick leave opens on the day of treatment. In hindsight, sick leave is not prescribed, do not try to ask about it!

If therapists in your clinic do not work on Saturday and Sunday, then you can come to the reception before the weekend, for example, on Thursday, and then you will rest for 5 days (Thu, Fri, Sat, Sun, Mon). Closing day is considered non-working, even if you closed its sutra.

If you need to extend the sick-list, on the day of its closure, when asked by the doctor about your well-being, answer that it has become better, but in the evenings the temperature is still around 37-37.1 ° C. With a high degree of probability, the doctor will extend your sick leave for another couple of days.

Buying sick leave is officially impossible!

Never, under any circumstances, try to buy a sick leave. This will certainly lead to serious consequences for you.

A sick-list is a document of strict financial statements that has multi-level protection (special paper, protective fibers, microtext, watermark and much more)!

On sites that offer to buy a sick leave formally or retroactively, they assure that their activities are legal and their sick leave. In fact, they sell fake forms of poor quality, not able to pass the test, and their activities are prosecuted.

If you have any doubts about the origin of the sick leave, the employer will make a request to the medical institution that issued it and you will lose your job. But this is not the worst. The authenticity and correctness of filling the sick-list is checked not only by the employer, but also by the FSS (Federal Insurance Service). They recognize the fake there instantly, after which they will without fail send a statement to the police, where a criminal case will be brought against you under article 327 (part 3) of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (using a deliberately forged document).

Thus, having bought a sick leave, you get every chance to lose your job, spoil your work and get under criminal prosecution (fine up to 80,000 or correctional labor up to two years, or arrest up to 6 months).

Getting sick through a bribe

I advise you not to even consider the option of receiving a sick leave through a bribe to a doctor. And it doesn’t matter if you want to buy a sick leave from a therapist in your clinic or in some paid diagnostic center (paid clinic).

An unsuccessful bribe, at best, will end in scandal and informing your employer. In the worst case, a statement to the police and a criminal case against you under Article 291 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (bribery: a fine of 15-30 times the amount of the bribe or imprisonment for up to two years).

The doctor risks no less than yours, so he will not agree to a bribe. Especially when it comes to discharging sick leave retroactively.

Another serious mistake that will definitely turn into problems is the purchase of a sick leave, after the employer has refused your leave or vacation. The employer, not an idiot, he understands perfectly well that in such a situation, your sick leave was either bought or discharged by agreement. Therefore, as soon as a disability certificate falls into his hands, he will immediately begin to check it.

In addition to official requests, the employer can contact the head of the clinic, describe the situation after which you “suddenly fell ill” and ask for an internal audit, which will determine if there were reasons for issuing a sick leave or you bought it.

When can I take sick leave and where to go?

Viruses and infections, as well as an accident can affect any person, no one is immune from diseases. Do not torture yourself and others and come to work, being sick. In this case, leave is necessary in connection with the disease, which gives the right to stay at home and put your health in order.

A person can take sick leave in the following situations:

  1. If sick himself.
  2. If he is caring for someone from a sick relative, such as a child or parents. Read more about the sick leave certificate for child care here.

When a person’s situation coincides with one of the above, he can turn to a doctor who is licensed to issue sick leave. The specialist conducts medical diagnostics for the detection of the disease and opens the sick-list to the patient.

A person can get it in a public and private clinic, a specialized hospital, for example, a neuropsychiatric dispensary, dentistry.

Anyone should understand that the procedure for issuing a sick leave is regulated by law, so you should not deceive medical workers, pretending to be ill, for example, a child, and get a couple of days off if the deception is a success.

The legislative framework

The procedure for issuing sick leave is regulated by a rather extensive legislative base. The main acts are as follows:

  1. Federal Law of 21.11.2011 No. 323-ФЗ “On the Basics of Protecting Citizens' Health in the Russian Federation”.
  2. Labor Code of the Russian Federation.
  3. Order of the Ministry of Health and Social Development of Russia dated June 29, 2011 No. 624n “On approval of the Procedure for issuing disability certificates”.

The contents of the above documents should be owned not only by health workers who have the right to give sick leave, but also the people who receive them.

Disability sheet procedure

Depending on what kind of illness a person suffers, he goes to a medical institution, visits a doctor of the necessary specialization, who conducts an examination, prescribes the necessary tests and opens a disability sheet.

A sick leave certificate can be issued for various periods, since it all depends on which disease the patient suffers from. As practice shows, most often the sick leave lasts from 3 to 14 days, but there are exceptions.

The video presented below details the receipt of a sick leave in a state clinic.

Can a polyclinic refuse to issue a sick leave?

It is very rare, but still there are situations that the doctor is forced to refuse a person extradition. So, first we recall who can claim it. It can be those people who received serious injuries, take care of sick relatives, undergo treatment in a sanatorium or hospital, if there is a disease in the family that requires quarantine.

People who do not have symptoms of the disease, those who are under administrative arrest, patients suffering from chronic illnesses, students undergoing a medical examination before entering an educational institution, students in educational institutions (in some cases) do not receive a sick leave.

Is it possible to take sick leave in a paid clinic?

This question is very acute for people who are sick, but do not want to spend their time in the queues of state clinics. Indeed, in some situations it is much easier to pay for a consultation with a doctor in a private clinic, but to come to an appointment at a certain convenient time and immediately get to a specialist.

A commercial clinic, like a state hospital, has every right to issue disability certificates if a person is sick, or he must provide care to a sick relative or get injured.

The hospital cannot be taken only from ambulance workers, blood transfusion stations, health facilities, in the emergency rooms of medical facilities.

Is it possible to take sick leave, if not sick?

Many people have a moment in life when they want to relax, and there are not enough days off for these purposes, and they are still far from a well-deserved vacation and holidays. To relax, a person decides to purchase a disability certificate.

State polyclinics do not give sick leave if there are no signs of the disease, but in private clinics specialists are willing to meet patients and are ready to write a disability sheet for a fee. In this regard, many employers are very unhappy when an employee brings sick leave with the seal of a commercial clinic. Also read about how to authenticate sick leave.

It is very important not to abuse the trust of management and try not to take sick leave of this kind. But if the situation does not suggest another way, then do not do it too often, because in the end the bosses may run out of patience and they have the right to ask the clinic for the medical history of their employee.

Can I take sick leave in another city?

Very often such situations arise that people come to work in the nearest cities from neighboring villages and villages, while they do not do local registration, but simply rent an apartment and live. What should such a person do when he falls ill and cannot go out to work?

In such a situation, the patient is issued a certificate at the place of residence with the permission of the head physician, which upon arrival home will cause extradition of the sick leave.

If a person falls ill while living in another country, then he needs to collect documents confirming this, and, returning home, he will be able to get sick leave only if the special commission recognizes them as the equivalent of a disability certificate.

What is the time limit for sick leave?

The doctor opens the hospital to the patient on the day of treatment, after examining the patient and concluding that he is really sick. Next, with an open disability sheet, the patient goes home and is treated.

After completing the course of therapy prescribed by the doctor, the patient again goes to the reception, where he is examined again. If the doctor decides that the patient is healthy, then the sick-list is closed on the same day, and from the next you can begin to work. Having received a disability certificate after recovery, the patient should take it to the personnel department or accounting department.

Most often, sick leave issued for a period of 3 to 14 days, but can be extended.

The patient has the right to provide sick leave to the employer within six months after going to work, but, as practice shows, it is better to do this immediately, then the accounting department will be able to pay for it on time.

Additionally, read about whether it is possible to obtain a sick leave retroactively.

How to get duplicate sick leave?

There are times when an employer needs a duplicate disability certificate. Such a need arises if there are errors in the sick leave form or if the original document is lost.

If the original document is lost by the employee himself, then he must re-apply to the institution that issued it with a request for a duplicate. In this case, a commission is going to set the terms of the disease, the number and date of issue of the sick-list, and then the attending physician will write it again.

When the sick leave is lost by the employer, the situation may have several development options. When a disability certificate disappears due to force majeure, for example, in case of fire, then when contacting the clinic where it was issued, you can get a duplicate in a simplified manner - immediately from your doctor without calling a commission.

When the loss occurs due to the fault of the employee who must process such documentation at the enterprise, the organization pays the employee who was on sick leave all that is due to him, and the culprit compensates the company for the costs incurred due to him.

Also, a duplicate is issued when the form is written with errors, and errors in the name of the organization of the employee are considered valid. A duplicate of a sick leave is considered to be a document no less significant than the original itself. This document can be issued by a polyclinic upon presentation by a person of a certificate from the place of work stating that they did not receive a sick leave from the employee, and to the statement of the employee.

As a rule, an application for a copy of the sick leave is as follows - download here.

How to communicate with a doctor?

Having come to the doctor, being really sick, there is no doubt that a competent specialist will offer to take a sick leave, not allowing himself to be persuaded. Also, a competent doctor can open a disability sheet to a person who has a rather harmless cough and runny nose, thereby saving other employees of the company from infection.

The conversation with the doctor should be calm, but firm. If the patient really does not feel well, then the doctor must write him a treatment and a sick leave.

Summing up, we can conclude that the sick-list is a rather serious document, and not everyone can get it. Only a person who is truly sick and needs treatment and peace is entitled to a disability certificate.

Who can go on sick leave

A sick leave certificate is issued to all citizens of the Russian Federation who have a medical insurance policy. When issuing a sick leave in a clinic, one of the following conditions must be met:

  • an employment contract
  • a person is in the public service,
  • injury or prolonged illness 30 days after dismissal,
  • registration of IP
  • registration in the employment center,
  • injury.

The sick leave should be given to the employer. During the days of illness, payment will be charged, which depends on the length of service of the employee. Also, sick leave is issued for pregnancy and childbirth.

The doctor issues a leaflet based on the patient's condition. A person cannot perform labor duties during a period of illness or becomes dangerous to others.

Employer Notice

After the sick leave is opened in the clinic, the employer should be warned. This rule is usually prescribed in the employment contract or in other documents. In case of illness, the child should also be reported to management.

If for some reason you do not warn the boss, then this will not entail the dismissal of the employee. But humanly should be reported on absence from work.

You can warn in person or by phone. This is best done in the morning so that you can redistribute the responsibilities of the absent employee. In serious condition, trauma, urgent hospitalization, relatives or, in extreme cases, a doctor can warn at work.

Step-by-step instructions for obtaining a sick leave

Step-by-step instructions allow you to understand how to open a sick leave in a clinic. To do this, you must consult a doctor. A surgeon will help with an injury; in an emergency, an ambulance is needed.

With a cold, you must make an appointment with the therapist, have a policy and a passport with you. For some diseases, you should call a doctor at home:

  • heat,
  • a rash on the body
  • high pressure.

The procedure for issuing sick leave in the clinic:

  1. A certificate of disability is prescribed by the doctor on the day of treatment.
  2. If the patient himself came to the reception, then the sheet is issued in his hands.
  3. If the patient called the doctor to the house, then he will receive a certificate of incapacity for work when he arrives at the reception.
  4. During hospitalization in a hospital, the sick leave is handed over at discharge.
  5. A second appointment is prescribed after 5 days, the patient must bring sick leave.
  6. On the certificate of incapacity for work, it is necessary to check the completed data: company name, last name, first name, middle name, gender, date of issue.
  7. During discharge, the sick-list must bear the stamp of the clinic and the seal.
  8. The patient must sign for receiving the document.

Employer Procedure

After receiving the sick leave in the clinic, it should be given to the accounting department of the enterprise. The actions of the employer will be as follows:

  1. The accountant checks the completed document. If errors are found, the sick leave is returned to the employee.
  2. After receiving hospital accounting, it determines what payments should be made. If the employee is arranged in several places, then sick leave payment is made for all enterprises.
  3. The allowance is accrued based on the average earnings of each employer. If the employee is arranged in one place, then the payment is charged one. Bookkeeping must charge the amount within 10 days.
  4. Выплата пособия происходит в ближайший день выплаты заработной платы. Работник обязан оплатить НДФЛ с пособия, другие взносы не удерживаются.
  5. Бухгалтер заполняет обратную сторону больничного. После начисления и оплаты пособия вносит об этом данные.
  6. Первые 3 дня больничного оплачивает работодатель. The rest of the days the FSS reimburses the company. The employee receives money at the cash desk of the organization. The maternity allowance of the FSS fully compensates the employer.

To reimburse the costs of sick leave, the employer applies to the Social Insurance Fund. In this case, a package of documents should be prepared: a statement, calculation and a copy of the sick-list. FSS reimburses the company the amount within 10 days.

Who issues the sick leave

Knowing how to get a sick leave at the clinic, you should know who has the right to issue the document. A state clinic or hospital can provide the patient with a disability certificate. Private hospitals issue a document with a license issued by the state.

Ambulance issue sick leave has no right. If the insured event occurs unexpectedly, you will still have to consult a doctor who decides to issue a certificate of incapacity for work.

A blood transfusion station does not give sick leave to donors. In this case, a certificate is available to provide it to work. In difficult cases, the dentist has the right to open a sick leave. In small towns, this can be done by a paramedic or a responsible healthcare provider.

How to open a sick leave in a clinic if treatment takes place in a sanatorium? If you have a doctor’s referral, you can get a ticket to the sanatorium. A disability certificate will be issued for the entire period of treatment, including round-trip travel. After completing the course, the attending physician must provide a ticket, an extract and a spa card.

Hospital registration

The procedure for issuing sick leave in a clinic differs from the procedure in a hospital. The senior nurse is responsible for the paperwork. A patient is not given a patient’s hands. The finished document is stored in the hospital until the patient is discharged.

If after a hospital a person can begin to work, then the disability sheet is closed and issued to the patient. Sometimes it happens that a person after a hospital is treated as an outpatient. In this case, the sick leave should be referred to the attending physician for extension. After the sheet is completely closed, the document is submitted for work.

Dates of registration of sick leave

Regardless of how the sick leave opens at the clinic, the doctor can write out a document for 5 days. The patient must strictly adhere to the terms of visiting a doctor, otherwise the sick-list can be closed for violation of the regulations.

If there is no improvement in 5 days, then the sheet is extended for another 5 days. In some cases, renewal is possible immediately for 10 days. This rule applies to surgical or neurological diseases. In severe condition, the extension reaches 30 days.

After a complex operation, a patient with tuberculosis can be renewed with a disability sheet for a year. If the disease lasts more than 10 days, then the decision on the extension is made by the medical commission.

Features of obtaining sick leave in a private clinic

How to get sick leave in a clinic, if it is private? The scheme is the same:

  • should see a doctor
  • talk about the reasons
  • the doctor will write a certificate of disability.

Before admission, you should make sure that the clinic has a license and the right to issue documents to patients. Hospital forms are subject to strict reporting, so the very availability of free copies suggests that the clinic has the right to do so.

In a private clinic you have to pay for the services provided. The cost of visiting a doctor depends on the category of specialist and the range of services provided. Reception is by appointment, so you don’t have to waste your time in the queues. The patient has the right to choose where to be treated and receive a disability certificate. The employer must accept the document, regardless of which clinic has issued the sheet.

No cheating

If you’re not sick, but want to relax, open and read your employment contract. Perhaps your employer has provided a period for which you can be absent from work legally, without a sick leave. Usually this is a period of one to three days. It is possible that immediately 3 days no one will allow you to mess around. But take one day a week - please.

If you have a good relationship with colleagues, you can simply change shifts and build a schedule for your business. Today, a colleague works for you, tomorrow you are for him.

Hospital out of place of residence

How to get a sick leave in a clinic, which is not registered? The medical insurance policy is valid throughout the Russian Federation. Registration does not matter. In order not to cause problems, you should pre-attach to the clinic that is closer to the place of stay.

To do this, you need to apply to the head doctor and provide the data. After that, a card is started in the registry and you can get a ticket to visit a doctor. The sick-list will be discharged regardless of the place of registration.

If the disease has overtaken on vacation or a business trip, then attaching to the clinic is not necessary. Upon presentation of the policy and passport, all types of medical services specified in the compulsory medical insurance policy will be provided free of charge.

In this case, there will be no problems with getting sick leave, but it is necessary to close the document in the same place where it was opened. It will not work to leave with an open hospital - they will not pay for it.

Seasonal sore

With a sad look, go to the office of your neurologist with an x-ray of the neck - they say, it’s completely jammed. Show a picture, complain - and sick leave on hand. Of course, this is just an example.

If you have some kind of disorder that manifests itself periodically and you are constantly observed by one doctor, you can safely go to the clinic. Perhaps the doctor will believe.

There are such pills for a sore throat, "Faringosept" are called. From their resorption, the tongue immediately turns yellow. So, without getting sick, you can take leave from work.

Do you have a terrible reaction to any food? You can safely use this in order to take leave from work. Carry the allergen with you in sealed packaging; if necessary, just bite / drink. The main thing is not to overdo it. You’ll really be ill.

Issuance of sick leave to a student

The student is not a working person, how to get a sick leave in the clinic of a student? The student does not need such a document. It is enough to provide a certificate of illness to an educational institution in order to avoid absenteeism and subsequent reprimands.

Sick leave is required for working students, if they are issued under an official employment contract. In this case, the employer pays deductions and the student can count on the payment of benefits.

If the employment contract is not executed, then there is no need for sick leave.

An exception to the rule is the payment of sick leave to a maternity student. In this case, a disability certificate is issued at the educational institution and provided to the accounting department. This opportunity can be used by students of the budget form of education. FSS will fully reimburse the costs.

Students will be paid on a paid basis from the fund of the institution itself.

Push pity

It happens that the disease was, but while you got to the doctor - all the symptoms went away. Arrange a small performance at the therapist. Please tell him about the disease on his feet. Sometimes this option works.

Those who want to relax at the expense of the employer may even begin to mock their body. Particularly advanced people go hungry for a day, then go to the doctor and complain of terrible abdominal pains.

Frankly speaking, the method is not very good. Indeed, in addition to real stress for the body, you will have to, at the insistence of the doctor, run around the hospitals and take tests, and not relax at home.


You can leave on sick leave with the help of a bribe. You can turn to such an aesculapius and he will write you sick leave. The question is how much you have to pay.

However, you need to look for such unfortunate doctors, because if a fact of falsification is discovered, the employee of the medical institution will have to stay from 3 to 7 years, and you (if you are not behind bars) will have to pay an administrative fine and compensate the employer.

Getting sick leave with the help of private medical clinics

Have you tried all the methods, but the doctors are impregnable? Then you can go to the website of the private clinic and leave a request for a document. You are called back and you discuss the details. It is possible to issue an outpatient, or a stationary disability certificate.

In a personal meeting, you give money, and then you receive a document. The deception is built up to the point that the employer can call the clinic, and the dispatcher will answer him and confirm that you are really sick and have received a sick leave.

Pay attention to the correct paper filling. A sick leave is a strict reporting form. If you fill out it yourself - do not make a mistake, otherwise the accountant of your company simply will not accept it for calculation.

Sick leave - not a simple piece of paper

It also happens: a sick leave is issued for an unintended reason, but nevertheless, a mistake was made in its design. Upon receipt of the document, immediately check it for errors. If found - immediately ask for a fix.

  • mistake in writing initials (yours or your child),
  • wrong disease code
  • mistake in writing the legal address of your place of work,
  • writing your post with an error.

The disability sheet must accurately indicate the length of time you were treated (at home or in the hospital). This period must fully coincide with the time of your absence from the workplace. If you went to work a few days after the closure of the sick-list, you will have to explain to your superiors and arrange a day off.

It happens that the patient’s well-being does not allow him to come to the clinic on his own. In this case, the doctor may come to your home and issue you a sick leave.

Here is what you can do. Report scabies. The doctor will direct you for tests and prescribe a sick leave. Scabies will not be confirmed, but there is already a sick leave!

Better rub your ass with pepper

Do not give stupid advice. Scabies (scabies) is determined visually by the physician. This disease is characterized by certain rashes in the forearms, wrists, hips, buttocks. If you have complaints and suspicions of scabies, any doctor you contact (venereologist, dermatologist ...) will refer the patient to the scabiosorium, and there they will just stupidly begin to treat the patient and his family members, regardless of the presence of symptoms of the disease. Avoid treatment. Treatment consists in self-smearing the body with benzyl benzoate and other emulsions, which then can not be washed off and which have a strong smell. Drugs with you do not give, no matter how you ask. You need to smear only there. So think before you get sick leave this way.

Well, about scabies is a masterpiece. I’ll make you strip naked, and I’ll look in all corners of your body where an hour-long itch could get in))))) and you will come in a day and will undress again-))))))) but as you wanted. and you will spend money on treatment)))))))) and just try not to undress ... ..that you don’t want to be treated. and since it’s not very sick then)))) but since frequency is an infectious disease, you have to report to the FEZ, and they will come to the house to do disinfection)))))) well, the neighbors get through and all that))))) yes, and turn over the sick-list and read paragraph 24 violation of the regime for failure to comply with the doctor’s recommendations (which he considers necessary to give) the doctor will put such a checkmark and there will be those payments not 50 percent, but 50)))))))) and he will inform you that he’s not being treated for the disease ... ..))))))) no need to build from fucking wise guys ... .. as far as pressure is concerned——))))))) at least you can resist at least no))))))) you will buy all the tablets and show them the pressure book and the clinic to run an examination in the morning ... otherwise p 24 . so we will be sick at the pace of work)))

What to do in case of failure

Under what circumstances and how to get a sick leave at the clinic:

  • pregnancy,
  • ECO,
  • abortion,
  • disease,
  • injury,
  • caring for a sick child or other family member,
  • official quarantine in kindergarten,
  • treatment in a hospital or sanatorium.

In some cases, the doctor may refuse to issue a sick leave:

  • chronic disease without exacerbation,
  • arrest,
  • medical examination
  • patient simulation.

Regardless of how the sick leave is issued in the clinic, they cannot refuse due to the lack of registration or affiliation with this clinic. In this case, you need to call the insurance company that issued the medical policy and report what happened.

If the doctor does not issue a sick leave, claiming that the patient is absolutely healthy, then you can try changing the doctor or contact a paid clinic.

If you disagree with the actions of the doctor, you should contact the Ministry of Health by sending a registered letter with documents and a statement.