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A man after sex: the rules of behavior of a true gentleman


09/25/2015 Intimate life Girls who are not yet very sophisticated in the intricacies of sexual behavior are often a little awkward after another intimacy. They do not know what to do, how to behave, what to speak and whether to speak at all.

Men and women react differently to the end of sexual intercourse. Men feel tired, exhausted, they tend to sleep. Women do not cool off so quickly - they are still full of strength, passion, emotions. But how to behave correctly after sex in order to avoid some kind of awkwardness, in order not to offend a man and not look stupid?

Embarrassment after sex is normal

If you are having sex with your young man for the first time, then some awkwardness often arises after him - and this is completely natural. If everything went well, this feeling may be small. But if something was wrong, it didn’t work, it got crumpled (and this is often the case at first proximity), it can become a very unpleasant factor. How to be First of all, do not focus on the puncture, as, however, and pretend that everything went off with a bang, since any pretense, insincerity, can interfere with the development of further relations. The best thing you can do in this situation is to hug each other, to kiss gently. This will help overcome awkwardness.

The behavior of two after the first intimacy may also depend on what hopes they have in this relationship in the future.

They want to build relationships further

If this is so, then at first it will not be easy for them to discuss this first experience, to analyze what happened and why it didn’t. Do not immediately move away after proximity, because next time everything will certainly be much better. Postpone conversations and discussions until better times. One can only admit that this proximity was very important for you, and it is just wonderful that this happened.

One time sex

If the partners slept for the first time, but are not going to build relations in the future, it means that they have no complaints against each other. It is not necessary to immediately seek to pack up and leave or hint to a partner that it is time and honor to know. It will be uncivilized - as if someone just used someone to their advantage. It can be casually noted that everything went fine.

What should a girl do?

  1. Praise the man, express his admiration for him. Let him feel unsurpassed - after all, it is no secret that many men have complexes regarding their intimate life. Your words of praise will raise his self-esteem, cheer up.
  2. Give him a relaxing massage to restore strength, for additional pleasure from your gentle touches.
  3. Quickly cook something delicious for him - you will prove to be an excellent hostess. In addition, he needs to restore the energy spent during sex. Men at such moments are very hungry.
  4. Do not ask him questions about a joint future, if he wants to continue. Now he is physically exhausted and wants to regain his strength, which means he has a little sleep. Do not bother him.

What should a man do?

  1. In these moments, a woman wants a little more tenderness to feel male protection, love. Hug, hold it to you, whisper something affectionate in your ear.
  2. Gather your strength and mentally talk to her, let her know that you need her not only for sex.
  3. Sincerely praise her, emphasize her attractiveness and sexuality.
  4. If she is going home, take a walk. Enjoy coffee while waiting for transport.
  5. Do not turn on your mobile until you say goodbye to her.

Attention! If the partner turns away from you immediately after sexual intercourse, be careful: big problems are brewing in your relationship.

Man after sex: typical behavior

Before we learn how a man should behave after sex, let's look at the typical behavior that occurs among most young people after intimacy.
If a young man is interested in a girl, as in a potential bride, after intimacy he:
• shows tenderness and affection to his passion in the form of kisses and hugs,
• thanks the girl for the presented sensations,
• is interested in whether his other half is happy,
• Declares love.

In the event that a man after sex is not at all interested in a girl, such behavior can be alarming.

A guy who needs only intimacy from a girl behaves as follows:
• immediately takes a shower,
• behaves distantly,
• goes to his home or puts a girl in a taxi immediately after sex,
• rarely calls and writes messages or completely disappears from the girl's life.
Experts also highlight another typical behavior that can be attributed to two cases. This is the desire to sleep. This condition is associated with male physiology. During sex, representatives of the strong half of humanity spend much more energy than women. Therefore, for complete renewal, the body requires a full sleep.

Typical behavior of women after sex

A woman behaves differently than a man after sex. She does not fall asleep as soon as an orgasm occurs, as she spends less energy. At this time, the girl most of all wants tenderness, warm hugs and beautiful words. Therefore, leaning against a man to get it all.

Also, many ladies have a desire to chat after sexual intercourse. There are frequent cases when conversations on serious topics flicker. And when a man pulls away, thoughts like “What was wrong?”, “Why did he stop looking at me?” And so on. Although in fact, everything went fine and the young man was simply tired.
Another typical behavior of ladies after intimacy is obsession. This happens when a woman has gone headlong into feelings, lost her temper, and became dependent on her partner.

How to behave after to seem like a real man

Having considered the common male and female behaviors after sex, you need to know how to behave properly so as not to offend the girl and seem like a real gentleman in her eyes.
If you are planning to start a family with a person nearby, then after sex, follow these recommendations:
• Hug, gently kiss your passion and say a warm word to her, thus showing that you have bright feelings for her.
• If after intimacy you are ready for another sexual intercourse, allow your girlfriend a little rest.

A woman departs from arousal and is again aroused longer than a man. This is due to the fact that after orgasm, the uterus is reduced to an average of 25 minutes.

• Do not go to the shower immediately after sex. Otherwise, your girlfriend will think that you are squeamish. And she should not hint about taking water procedures. The first half hour, devote relaxation and tenderness in bed.
• If you have not experienced an orgasm during sex, do not take it to heart. Make sure that your lady does not even guess what happened force majeure.

In the event that something went wrong and you lost interest in the girl, you should not immediately slam the door if you had sex at her place. Also, you do not need to drive the lady out the door if you had sex in your apartment.
If it so happened that you do not see the future with your passion, say goodbye to her in a gentlemanly way. Offer her breakfast somewhere in neutral territory, for example, in a cafe. And there already talk to her about what excites you and explain the whole situation. And then politely say goodbye to her and leave silently, without screaming and scandals.

Intimacy is a delicate matter. In bed, you need to be not only a wonderful lover, but also to remain a real man after sex. We hope that all of the above tips will help you with this.

How to behave with a man after sex

Immediately after the act of love, a woman seeks to understand what actually connects her with a partner - one-time sex or long-term relationships. She wants to be protected, wants to be hugged and kissed. The male position is somewhat different.

After intimacy, your lover is unlikely to want to bore himself with conversations. It is enough to make a couple of compliments, this will increase his self-esteem and give confidence that he is a real Apollo.

Make it a rule to never stay with a man at night. This will help to avoid unpleasant moments in the morning, such as worn makeup, lack of fresh linen and toiletries.

In the following days, do not try to bother your beloved with calls and messages, give him the opportunity to ponder everything and conquer you. Lost for a long time is also not worth it, it can hurt male pride.

What to talk about

  • make a couple of compliments - any man will be pleased to hear about his superpowers in the sexual field,
  • if the relationship exists for a long time, you can talk about general topics - sports, hobbies, travel, jokes or jokes will be appropriate,
  • when a loved one asks himself questions like “did you feel good with me?”, answer sincerely, but avoid lengthy reasoning and criticism.

Taboo after sex

  • in no case start a conversation about him and your relationship with previous partners, including intimate ones,
  • do not bother with interrogations and requests for marriage, buying things,
  • conversations on business, work topics do not belong in bed,
  • if a man is going home, tantrums and insults will aggravate the situation, it is better to kindly express hope for a speedy meeting.

Sensations of a man after sex

For a male partner, sexual games are hard work, he gets tired physically after intimacy, feeling only hunger and a desire to relax in peace and quiet. Therefore, it will be worthwhile to take care and give him a gentle relaxing massage (about 80% of guys after sex dream about this) and feed your male if he feels an acute hunger. Let the guy regain his strength and if he shows a desire to fall asleep, be lenient and do not arrange scenes.

Why does a man fall asleep after sex

5 minutes ago, your beloved, in the heat of passion, whispered sweet pleasures and groaned with bliss, but now he suddenly turned his back and sniffs in peace? Do not shed tears or arrange a showdown!

Only a small percentage of gentlemen after sex can remain energetic and active as they did before him, most of them feel lethargy and a desire to quickly fall asleep. The whole reason is male nature. At the time of the highest peak of pleasure, the hormones norepinephrine, serotonin, oxytocin and prolactin are released into the blood. Their increase is associated with the natural biorhythms of men. That is why the guy after a stormy sex does not crave communication with his half, and is in a hurry to the side.

Man disappeared after sex

According to psychologists, 76% of women were disappointed in the disappearance of a man after sex. The situation, of course, is unpleasant. And in order to avoid it from now on, it is worth understanding for yourself the reasons for this behavior.

  • The most obvious and common option - the guy was looking for a girl for one-time sex. In your dreams, you can stand in a white dress at the altar, but this type of males do not make plans for a long-term relationship, limited to only one chance meeting.
  • If you have chosen a man - a hunter for sex, we hasten to upset you, such gentlemen start up from the very fact of the chase, a love game. If they have already received their trophy, they do not need to waste further valuable time.
  • The third option has the simplest explanation - the object of your dreams did not appreciate you enough. Sex is sex, and a long and lasting relationship requires something more than just sympathy and a desire to have fun.

A man does not call after sex

After a first intimate date, a woman often torments herself with the question of why the lover still does not name her days and nights and does not look for a meeting, because they felt so good together. Panic, a lady can make a lot of annoying oversights. Tears and self-flagellation are unlikely to help rectify the situation, but studying the features of male psychology will come in handy here.

  • Men do not like it when they impose their society on them. He will perceive your endless calls and messages as an encroachment on his personal territory. Most of the guys are conquerors by nature and the booty that goes into their own hands does not interest him.
  • The guy may not call because of insecurity and fear of rejection.
  • Even if you used all the ladies' tricks on the love bed and applied rich sexual experience, it is not a fact that the lover will call you on the next date. He has already replenished his intimate collection with another exhibit and is now in search of a new victim.
  • Remember that men share the concepts of love and sex. If you are in a serious relationship, before deciding on intimacy, weigh the pros and cons.

Typical behavior of women

After sex, a woman almost always wants to talk, often on serious topics. This is a very wrong behavior because the man is very tired. She becomes obsessive, which the representatives of the strong half of humanity really dislike.

This is due to the fact that the lady plunged into feelings with her head and lost her temper. Also, some ladies generally violate all the limits after the first sex:

  • trying everywhere and in everything to control a partner,
  • violate his personal boundaries,
  • they tell the guy that he is responsible for everything that happened,
  • expect that her person should be given special attention,
  • stop monitoring yourself.

Unfortunately, most women do not see anything wrong with their behavior, believing that everything should be so.

Typical Opposite Sex Behavior

How do men behave after sex? We will consider their typical behavior and explain the reasons for such actions.

  • After sex, the guy runs to the refrigerator. Sex for a man is a very energy-intensive activity. Therefore, after intimacy, he is not averse to eating something.
  • The man wants to smoke. If he is a heavy smoker, then he just satisfies his desire. Also, this may indicate that he would not mind additional caresses.
  • He immediately runs into the shower. Most often, this is not due to excessive sweating. Just a partner wants to quickly wash off the smell of a "stranger" woman. He just does not have confidence in her. These relationships from the series "slept-fled."
  • Falls asleep immediately after sex. This in no way affects his attitude towards you. Just after an orgasm in the blood of men, the supply of glycogen, which nourishes the muscles and the person feels overwhelmed, drops sharply. Men have more muscle mass, so they tend to sleep faster.
  • Asks delicate questions. After sex, the woman is more sincere, so the man hopes for a frank answer.
  • Runs faster to do their own thing. After sex, some men need to pull themselves together sooner, while others thus demonstrate their disrespect for women.
  • She doesn’t go to bed with you under one blanket. Men admit only their beloved woman. Apparently, your relationship has not yet reached the desired level.

If after sex a man continues to caress, says beautiful words for a woman, hugs and kisses her, perhaps this is love. He is very well with her.


For men, sex, especially if it is the first, does not mean anything. In most cases, after intimacy, the girls remain with the partner at night, and this is not always liked by the man.

His biggest desire is to sleep and rest. Often the representatives of the stronger sex simply do not know how to tell the girl to leave, they think that it will be very rude of them and after that you should not count on any relationship for sure.

A girl can behave completely non-standard, thereby causing the interest of a partner:

  • Get up, pack up and leave after intimacy. The man immediately raises the question of what he did wrong. He will constantly think about the girl. So interest in it will only grow.
  • Ask the guy to leave without explaining the reasons.
  • Acting as if nothing had happened between you.

You think that this is how a good half of men behave. Yes, and then the women sit and think what’s wrong, start calling and annoying. And if you start to behave yourself like that? The man will behave the same. So you can warm up interest in yourself.

How to communicate with a man after sex

The very next day, the girls begin to call, ask about further relationships, in general, annoy the guy. So you only push him away from you. Of course, it all depends on your relationship at the moment, and how you want to develop it. Do you want the future - do not bother. It’s better to wait until he writes first or send an unobtrusive SMS.

As a rule, guys in love already on the same day (or the next) get in touch. If he makes you wait for his call, worry, then most likely he is not interested in you.

If you want to hook a man, after sex, continue to behave as usual, as if you had no intimacy. Не стоит требовать большего от парня. Будьте именно той девушкой, которая ему понравилась. Отношения редко развиваются очень быстро. Для этого нужно время.

Духовная и физическая близость обычно возникает через месяц и даже большее. Парень и девушка после секса редко сразу переходят на новый уровень отношений. Сейчас секс – это нечто привычное для всех.

If you feel that your passion has begun to move away from you, do not push him to any activity. Men need more time to think about what happened and to miss a person.

Also, do not stand alone from your partner. Give him what he gives you. No need to be arrogant and demand that he continue to run after you and achieve.

Talk heart to heart

What to talk with a man after sex? In fact, any dialogue after sex is individual. If your partner is a cynic, he does not need to talk about how long you have been waiting for a meeting with him and that you want to marry him faster. No need to place candles in the room, as this romanticism is not for him.

In bed, such people need to clearly say what you want. After sex, a girl is better to talk to him without emotion, only on business, avoiding unnecessary romanticism.

If the man is a romantic, he will be glad to hear how sensual, caring and attentive he is. You can put your head on his shoulder and say that you are destined for him by fate.

For romantic men there will be no problems with conversations. They usually throw up topics themselves. Just never talk about your past partners (their quantity, quality), as well as about everyday problems (there is no money, prices are rising, and so on).

If your partner is an avid bachelor, avoid such words and phrases as “baby”, “pregnancy”, “family”, “love to the grave”, “my man”. All this will be a clear encroachment on his freedom.

Proper woman behavior

How to behave with a man after sex, if you are still a little familiar:

  • You should not say anything about your past partners and relationships. Men themselves like to start talking on a similar topic precisely after sex. Do not sincerely answer such questions. It is best to evasively evade the answer.
  • No need to arrange an interrogation. If you yourself are not talking about your previous relationships, it is foolish to ask your partner about them. It will look ugly and the man will think about what will happen next if the woman is already trying so hard on him.
  • You can’t ask for anything right after sex: neither a fur coat, nor a phone - nothing. The man will understand that you just use it.
  • If after sex he starts to get home, you don’t have to shed tears and arrange tantrums. Gently express the hope that you will see each other again soon. So the man will have a joyful mood.

Undesired conversation topics

  • In no case do not speak badly about acquaintances and friends of your partner.
  • Do not remind the man of past mistakes and situations for which one of the partners has already apologized and was forgiven.
  • Do not mention children from a past relationship.
  • Do not say that you do not like his work, hobbies, classes, etc.
  • If you are angry with a guy, you should never say that he can not do anything in bed.
  • Do not remind your partner of problems at work. It is especially important to exclude the phrase “They sat down on you and went.”

Do not immediately after sex to discuss serious problems and complain about life. So you quickly destroy the feeling of euphoria that usually occurs immediately after intimacy.


In general, now you know how to behave with a man after sex. One must always remain oneself and think sensibly. Note that it is impossible for another person to instill passion and a sense of love. If a spark broke out between two people, then after sex it will only flare up. If it was not there initially, then there will most likely be no further relations.