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Several ways to remove music from iPod


Owners of such a modern device as an iPod know that downloading it with music is very simple. The real problems begin when the downloaded songs are bored, or you have thrown off the wrong song and you need to erase them. But how to do this is not entirely clear.

If you still have a question how to delete music from iPod, you can use the following tips. The most universal way is to connect the device to a computer and manually erase boring tunes from the device. How to do it? Watch the video or read the instructions below:

Removing iPod Music via iTunes

  • First of all, start iTunes, then connect the iPod to the computer and wait until the program recognizes the device and a window is available where you can change the synchronization settings.
  • Choose our iPod. In iTunes 11.0, your gadget is located in the upper right corner of the screen. If this is an old version, look for it in the "Devices" section on the left side of the screen.
  • We activate the item "Processing music manually." This function may be located at the bottom of the Options menu (at the bottom of the page) on the Overview tab. A window pops up asking you to confirm the management of these files manually, confirm, and then be sure to save the changes by clicking on the "Apply" button.

  • Next, go to the "On this device" section, we are interested in the "Music" tab, where you can start searching for the necessary files.
  • In the case of a single deletion, select the song that you want to erase and press the Delete key or through the context menu, called up with the right mouse button, select the Delete item. On the offer to confirm the deletion, which will pop up after the correctly performed actions, click "OK".
  • In the case of mass deletion, the essence of the action is the same, except that you must select several songs. You can do this using the auxiliary keys Ctrl or Shift.

This way you can delete songs directly from the iPod, leaving iTunes music collection safe. The next option is different in that you delete songs from the iTunes collection, and then only synchronize the collection with the player, thereby trying to delete songs in the device.

Delete music from iTunes and sync it later

To do this, you will need to use the general tab “My Music” on iTunes (after leaving the “On this device” section). Then it’s enough to select a melody that you no longer like, or several melodies and also through the “Delete” key or context menu to perform the deletion process.

You will again be asked to confirm the action. Press the button “Delete Song” and wait until the information disappears. After that, the device will need to be connected to the computer and synchronize the device. If the settings are set to the option “Process music manually”, then synchronization will happen automatically, and with it the compositions will be updated.

Uninstall via the Music app

  1. To clean the gadget from unnecessary melodies, use the Music application. It is called using the main menu of the device.
  2. Find the required song / album / playlist and, depending on the version of iOs, either use swipe (swipe your finger on an item from left to right), or call Extras. Menu (click on the element "..."). Regardless of the method involved, you will have the option “Delete” with which you will get rid of the file.

Removing through the Statistics section in Settings

You can also get rid of old songs using the device settings. To do this, go to "Settings" -> "General" -> "Statistics". In the application list, select the application “Music” -> “Change”, after which a delete icon will appear in front of all available items.

Now you can delete all music, a specific album or a single composition from your iPad. To do this, select the removal candidate, click on the icon and confirm our decision. Done!

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Preparing to clean your gadget

To clean up your device from an outdated or simply boring song, you first need to install the iTunes media player. This is done this way:

  1. In the browser, you need to find and open the official website of the manufacturer
  2. Left-click on the “Download” button, which is located in the upper right corner.
  3. In the window that opens, in the "E-mail" field, enter your email address. Optionally, on this page you can unsubscribe from the newsletter. To do this, uncheck the boxes next to the items "New in iTunes" and "I want to receive", which are located on the left side of the screen.
  4. If necessary, specify the correct location using the "Location" option (at the bottom of the site).
  5. Click the Download button, and then the iTunes application will begin downloading.
  6. After the download is complete, you must specify the installation parameters. To do this, click the "Next" button in the program window.
  7. In the advanced settings, select the interface language and left-click "Install", and then "Finish".

Uninstall via iTunes Library

Deleting a song or album is quite simple. This can be done in two ways: delete the track from the iTunes library, and then synchronize the iPod with the computer, or directly manually adjust the library by connecting the gadget to the PC. Regardless of which method is used, the task will not take much time.

Via computer

  1. Use an USB cable to connect your iPod to your computer.
  2. Double-click to open the iTunes application.
  3. You must sync the gadget. If the application version is 11.0, then the iPod will appear on the monitor in the upper right corner. In older versions, the device must be found in the "Devices" tab, which is located on the left side of the screen.
  4. Open the "Library" tab. From the list that opens, select "Music", after which the entire list of musical compositions is displayed on the monitor.
  5. Open the Options menu. At the very bottom of the list, select the "Process music manually" tab and confirm the action by checking the box.
  6. Following the instructions of the application, you need to click "OK" and find the desired composition using the "Abstract" section.
  7. Click on the “Apply” item, which is located below in the right corner of the monitor. After that, you can manipulate the list of songs stored in iPod’e.
  8. Select the desired song and wait until the pop-up window appears. Then select “Delete” and confirm the deletion of the song. The operation will be successfully completed after processing the information.

IPod sync method with computer

  1. Double-click to open the iTunes application.
  2. Select a song to be deleted from the device by left-clicking.
  3. After the drop-down menu appears, select "Delete", which is located at the bottom of the list. The application will ask for confirmation of the task, after which you need to click "Delete Song".
  4. Connect the device to the computer and synchronize it. After the option “Process music manually” is set, the music list on the iPod will be automatically updated.