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From time immemorial, elastic smooth shiny curls are a female standard of beauty. But their owners are often in an effort to conquer and level the curls fail. Often blowing hair dryers and irons for leveling, they significantly damage the hair structure in exchange for a short-term leveling effect. Is it possible to straighten hair safely and permanently? In this material we will reveal the advice of stylists on how to quickly and for a long time achieve the effect of leveling the house without harm to the hair.

Why are they spinning?

To understand how to straighten hair for a long time, you must first find the reasons why they spin. Daily curls lend themselves to the negative effects of external factors:

  1. Weather conditions (cold, wind, rain).
  2. Air pollution.
  3. Hairstyles and metal jewelry on the hair.
  4. Influence of hair dryer and other thermal styling products.

How to straighten hair: a hair dryer to help

A very effective way to straighten hair, which, however, is not worth it, otherwise you can dry your hair very much. So you run the risk of getting a washcloth on your head instead of well-groomed curls. Therefore, take care of thermal protection, thereby you reduce the harm of the hair dryer. How to use it to turn your hair into an obedient surface, learn from the video!

We are armed with an iron

Perhaps the most effective way to get straight hair. But they should not be abused, since it is traumatic enough for the hair. Always use thermal protective equipment and do not hold the iron on the same area of ​​your hair for a long time. For the same reason, make sure that the rectifier does not heat up to temperatures above 120 degrees.

How to straighten hair with special tools

Just note that cosmetic products can’t cope with your hair at 100%, but at the same time noticeably smooth your naughty hair, save you from fluffiness and static electricity. They can be used as an aid to styling, as well as for additional care for curls.

Hair straightening with a smoothing cream

A great tool that will not only smooth the hair, but also protect them from external influences. There are two drawbacks: it is unlikely to turn tight curls into straight hair, moreover, it does not always work on colored curls. But even violent curls after using the cream become more streamlined. Treat wet hair after shampooing and style. They showed themselves well: Hair Mix Supreme Smooth creams for dry and thin hair and Texture Expert Smooth Ultime - for tough and naughty.

Binding Oils

They can be used both as thermal protection and to straighten hair. Rub a small amount of oil in your palms and apply along the hairline, and then comb the hair. We recommend non-greasy Luxury Hair Care Oil Non Oil for hair straightening from Green Light BES Hair Graffiti FRIZZAWAY.

How to straighten hair: leveling sprays

A very convenient form for taming naughty waves, with the only, but very significant drawback - the sprays contain silicone, which tend to accumulate in the hair and gradually destroy them. Well proven: spray from Syoss "4 days of smoothness" and "Straightening Spray" from Salerm.

How to straighten hair with gelatin

· Gelatin - 2 parts,

· Favorite hair balm - 1 part.

Dissolve the gelatin in warm water and let stand for 15 minutes, after which add balm to it. After washing your hair, apply the mixture to your hair without touching the root zone. Cover your head with a warming cap or polyethylene, rinse off after an hour.

Rinse with vinegar

We hope there is vinegar in your home. The recipe is very simple. After routine shampooing, rinse your hair with vinegar mixed with some water and let the hair dry. They must dry themselves. After vinegar rinsing, do not blow dry your hair or straighten it with forceps. If the hair is very stiff, they probably will not become perfectly smooth and even. But in any case, the effect will delight you, your hair will shine, become soft and silky.

After washing your hair, take half a liter of beer and gently apply it to your hair with a comb. Starting from the occipital region, massage beer from the roots of the hair to its ends with massage movements. Hair for a while will be less fluffy.

Brazilian keratin lining

Today it is a novelty in the salon industry. Features of straightening are the enrichment of hair with keratin and its subsequent straightening. This is a very effective salon procedure, but not cheap. Especially pleased with the result are women who previously did perm, and now again want to regain smooth hair.

After the procedure, the structure of the hair changes significantly. Keratin nourishes the hair with useful components and restores its natural beauty and strength. The result after Brazilian alignment lasts for three months.

But the duration of the effect often depends on the degree of damage to the curls, on the length of the hair, the density of the hair, the thickness of the hair itself. There is also a healing effect from keratin straightening - the strands become healthier and more well-groomed.

Special care for the strands after such straightening is not required. They always look smooth and well-groomed. Habits, daily routine, hair care - nothing needs to be changed. Unlike the lamination procedure, the Brazilian alignment does not weigh down the hair and allows them to breathe.

Lamination (aka carving)

To keep long hair always well-groomed, usually it takes enough time, effort and money. An excellent salon procedure for straightening hair is considered lamination. It is more affordable than keratin lining. It can also be simulated at home. How to do it right? We take the yolk of one egg, natural shampoo or shampoo for children, good gelatin, some olive oil or almond. Lamination is divided into two stages, so clearly distribute the number of components.

Stage number one

Stir a bag of gelatin in six boxes of water until completely dissolved. Divide the resulting mass into two parts. Mix the first half of the mass equally with shampoo. After applying this mass on the hair, wrap your head in polyethylene, and on top in a towel. Leave to work for thirty to forty minutes. If your hair is very thick - extend the exposure time.

Folk methods

  • Vinegar Rinse. This tool is in every kitchen. All that is needed is to wash vinegar diluted with water on curls after washing the hair and leave it to dry completely. In no case accelerate this process with a hairdryer or ironing. Fully straighten curls does not work, but the effect will be quite impressive. Importantly, the hair will become much softer and more obedient.
  • Beer straightening. After washing your hair, you need to fill in a glass of 0.5 liters of beer and gently apply liquid to wet curls with a comb. It is better to start hydration from the back of the head, and massage it from the roots to the ends with massage movements. Thus, fluffiness will become much less.

What should you remember first?

It must be understood that there are many options for straightening hair at home. Some girls use special cosmetics for this, which are now offered by a huge number of companies that create hair care products. Others prefer to use a chemical effect on the hair, in the end they get a good result. If those girls who try not to harm their hair, so they resort to using folk methods in order to make their curls smooth, radiant with life and energy. Let's look at each of the above options, understand their advantages and disadvantages, consider how they will differ from each other.

Hair Straightening Options

  1. Mechanical means. This is one of the options that is quite effective and gives a good result. Most often, this work is carried out using a hairdryer, curling iron, or ironing. That is, in fact, their action will be aimed at the fact that with the use of certain tools to smooth the hair. In 100% of cases, mechanical means for straightening give the necessary effect due to exposure to high temperature hair. But it is worth considering that they have certain disadvantages, because from the constant influence of a temperature of 180-200 degrees Celsius, the hair begins to become thicker, duller, and the ends begin to cut.
  2. The second group is chemicals to straighten hair. These will include special balms and shampoos, lamination and keratin hair straightening. Their essence is that a certain consistency will be applied to the hair, which will affect the change in the structure of each hair, and accordingly can give straightening to your curls. Most often, such effects on the hair are more gentle and less active than temperature effects and mechanical means. On the other hand, not all girls will be suitable for lamination, because the hair on the head can grow quite quickly, and its cost is not always permissible.
  3. You can highlight another group to which will relate various folk methods. Most often, both chemical elements and mechanical methods can be applied to them. Most often, we will talk about the use of sugar or beer masks, gelatin and other elements in order to get chic smooth hair.

Now, the easiest way is to step by step examine each element that can allow you to straighten your hair at home and get acquainted with the advantages and disadvantages of each of them.

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This method is quite simple, it is known to a huge number of girls. The bottom line is that to get the desired effect, you will use a powerful hair dryer and comb, either flat or round.

  1. Before starting the procedure, thoroughly comb the hair with a comb in order to perfectly separate the hairs. Scallops should have very rare teeth. The optimal material for making the tool is plastic.
  2. Now it is necessary to divide the hair into small strands, after which each of them will be wound on a comb and dried.
  3. Your main task is to pull the curls, as well as directing the hot air of the hair dryer in the direction of hair growth. This way you can even out the shine of your hair. The effect will be due to the fact that the hair flakes will go in the right direction.

In order to maximize the effect of the procedure, you must first thoroughly wash your hair and treat it with conditioner. Before drying, use hair oil and products that protect curls from the effects of high temperature. In other words, thermal protection.

Many experts advise fixing the results for each strand that has been pulled out with cold air. This will completely close all the flakes due to a sharp change in temperature.

The result that you obtained is best fixed with varnish. If you want to get the longest lasting effect, then during leveling you need to use foam or mousse.

We work with an iron

About 10-12 years ago, irons for straightening hair came into widespread use. Of course, they became popular and many girls did not pay attention to the fact that the metal plate of such an instrument can greatly burn hair. Now there are a wide variety of options for coating the plates, which conducts straightening. Due to this, the hair will be less damaged, will remain in good condition.

How does the procedure go?

  1. To carry it out you need to take means for protecting hair from exposure to temperature, ironing, hairpin and flat comb.
  2. Remember, this kind of straightening can only be done on hair that has been completely dried. Wet or wet hair you can just burn.
  3. In order to straighten hair with an iron, it is necessary to separate small strands, and fix the rest of the hair with a hairpin. The selected strand must be ironed two or three times with an iron. Ideally, a comb will be placed at the roots of the hair and it will run along the entire length of the strand, and the iron will follow it. Thus, the comb will determine the direction in which the element itself that straightens the hair should move.
  4. Forget about tight hair clamping in the ironing, so you will not only damage the hair structure, but you can also set them on fire a little.
  5. Straightening begins with the lower strands, will gradually reach those that are on top of all hair.
  6. Please note that you need to straighten hair only moving in one direction. In order to avoid creases, initially before you run an ironing through your hair, it is necessary not to abruptly but in a circular motion to capture the lock of hair itself. How to do this, you can look at thematic videos.

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You should also not forget about them, since these shortcomings are quite significant.

  1. The effectiveness of the use of such funds will be offset by a short-term effect. The fact is that smooth hair will remain until the first manifestation of high humidity.
  2. Naturally, after each subsequent washing of the head, this procedure will have to be repeated.
  3. When using fenai ironing, a very strong negative effect on the hair occurs, so we can expect them to be injured. With frequent use of such funds, you will get dull and brittle hair that will need to be restored.

We straighten hair with chemicals

Shampoos and balms

A considerable number of companies offer special tools for hair straightening at home. To use them, you need to thoroughly wash your hair with a special shampoo, and then use balms, conditioners, or oils. In any case, you still have to additionally dry your hair if you have a minimum of time. If you want the hair to dry naturally, then do not expect that the effect of this straightening will be stunning. Most likely, the light waves on your hair will still remain.

Keratin Alignment at Home

This is also one of the latest popular methods, which is becoming an alternative to visiting expensive hairdressers and beauty salons. Unfortunately, not every girl gets the desired result the first time. But after a short workout, you can get excellent curls. So what is needed for this?

  1. Prepare the whole set for straightening, stock up with a round brush, hairdryer, ironing and spray gun.
  2. Rinse your hair well with the shampoo that contains keratin. Now it is necessary to saturate the hair with this element as much as possible. You can carry out two applications.
  3. Dry them thoroughly with a dry towel, bring to a state where you can start drying your hair.
  4. Fasten the locks of hair on the back of the head, dilute the straightener in the spray gun, and process each lock in turn.
  5. After a quarter hour, simply dry your hair using a hairdryer and comb. It is still necessary to apply an iron to completely smooth the hair.
  6. In addition, it is important to apply a special impregnation from the kit to the hair to fix the result. After the procedure, you can not wet your hair or wash your hair for 3 days. Try to avoid sticking your hair in a ponytail or braid. It is necessary that the curls are constantly in an even state.

Home Lamination

The method became quite popular after the video appeared on the network regarding its effectiveness, as well as the optimal method of application. Its advantage is that it is quite affordable, because it practically does not require expenses. Such lamination occurs due to the use of gelatin. Despite its low price, it gives a long-lasting effect, and the procedure for hair lamination is harmless, so the regularity of the procedure depends on you. An additional plus will be a good hydration of the hair, as well as saturation of their natural protein, which is contained in gelatin.

For the procedure, you need only one package of gelatin, a spoon of hair balm and a comb.

For the procedure, it is important to dissolve the gelatin in warm water, and then mix it with a spoon for hair balm. The product is ready for this, it must be applied to wet and clean hair. Follow the uniformity of applying the consistency, and after you have completely distributed it over the curls, cover your head with polyethylene and a towel. On the head, the mixture remains for an hour and a half, and then washed off.

We use folk methods

Это альтернативный вариант воздействия на волосы и получения желаемого эффекта. Но здесь можно отталкиваться только от некоторых аспектов, которые известны о тех средствах, которые нам дарит природа. Давайте рассмотрим самые популярные варианты.

  1. Чаще всего эффект выпрямления достигается за счет утяжеления волос. For this reason, you can use castor, olive or almond oil to moisturize the ends of the hair. This will give them extra weight, respectively, will be able to pull the hair to the bottom, due to which straightening will be achieved.
  2. Helps to straighten hair and tea, in which a little sugar is mixed. As for the proportions, it is necessary to put a teaspoon of sugar on a glass of drink. This means it is necessary to wash the hair, combing them in parallel.
  3. Many girls know that beer will also have a positive effect on hair. It is used as a fixing element and as a rectifier. To do this, use a sponge - moisten the tips with a hairspray with it, and then blow dry with a hairdryer.
  4. Colorless henna gives a good effect for light and curly blond hair. Thanks to its use, a light colorless film will appear on the hair, which will give a good effect.

Which of the straightening options you choose for yourself depends on many factors (length, density and color of the hair). However, it is worth remembering that experts still choose chemical products as the best option for straightening hair. The fact is that folk methods do not help every representative of the fair sex. As for the use of a hairdryer, tricks and irons, even without hair straightening, these funds can be used for another purpose to give some kind of image. Accordingly, they will already have a negative effect on the wash cells. Well, the best option would be to accept yourself as you are. If you have light waves on your hair, just make them brighter and have a romantic hairstyle.

Brazilian keratin straightening

An innovation in the beauty industry was the saturation of hair with keratin in order to straighten it. The procedure is very effective, but also expensive. This especially affects the structure after chemistry. Keratins saturate curls with useful substances and give them their former strength.

The effect after this method lasts at least 3 months, depending on the condition of the curls, the length, and the density and thickness of the strands play a significant role.

The benefits of keratin straightening:

  1. Using this method, you can both straighten your hair and cure it.
  2. The result looks beautiful and well-groomed.
  3. There are no restrictions in lifestyle, daily routine.
  4. Hair is not heavy, as in lamination and breathe.

Lamination or carving

Caring for long braids always requires a lot of effort and time. An equally effective straightening procedure is the lamination of hair. This method is much cheaper than keratin straightening, and is more available at home, and also has a good effect after curling and painting.

We will need one yolk, organic or baby shampoo, quality gelatin, olive or almond oil. The procedure takes place in two stages, so you need to clearly calculate the amount of ingredients.

Photos - perfectly straight hair

Stage One. Mix gelatin with six tablespoons of warm water, dissolve it. We divide this liquid in half and mix one half in equal proportions with shampoo. Next, you need to apply the mixture to the hair for 30-40 minutes and cover your head with polyethylene and a towel. If the curls are very thick, then stand a little longer.

Stage Two. Mix the other half of the gelatin liquid with the yolk and add one spoon of the selected cosmetic oil. You get a mask for a hairstyle not a cool consistency. It should be distributed along the entire length and left for 2 hours. In the end, just rinse with warm water without shampoo. This is one of the most popular methods on how to straighten hair without a straightener yourself. The lamination procedure should be repeated every two weeks, then the impression is created that the curls are aligned forever.

After lamination stylists Not recommended:

  1. Straighten strands with an iron. Withstand at least a few days after the procedure, although with high-quality work, additional alignment is not needed.
  2. Wash your hair earlier than the third day after lamination.
  3. Do chemical or bio-perm directly on the laminated braids. After carving, the hair is still damaged, not as much as chemically, but still. Lamination works not only to improve the appearance, but also to nourish the curls. In the case of direct physical impact, all labor will be in vain.

Hair dryer and iron

According to reputable hairdressers, there is no way that will help straighten curly locks forever. The cheapest and most affordable method is straightening with an iron or hairdryer. If you do not do such styling too often and alternate exposure with masks for split ends, then the structure will not be very affected, and the hairstyle will be neat every day.

In order to straighten the hair the hair dryer itself, you need some skill and good massage comb, preferably from natural materials with soft bristles, the shape is round. The only drawback: during rain or fog, the strands will quickly begin to curl again, in this case, an old friend will help - styling varnish.

It is the same with the iron for hair, but here the plate material and the quality of the unit itself play a very important role. Do not set the maximum temperature during alignment and do not repeat the procedure more than once every two days.

Special tools

Many brands specializing in the production of vitamins for hair growth and care products have begun to develop special straighteners for curls. It can be shampoos, balms, masks or essences. In order to get the result, you need to select products strictly suitable for the structure of the hair, and regularly use it, preferably in combination. Curls will not become perfectly smooth, but will be much more obedient.

Stage two

Stir the remaining half of the gelatin mass with the yolk, add a spoonful of olive or almond oil to them. You will not get a very thick mask. Apply it along the entire length of the hair and leave it to work for a couple of hours. After the time has passed - just rinse your hair with warm water without the use of shampoos and other cosmetics.

This is the most popular and affordable way to straighten hair. After straightening the hair after such a procedure is not necessary. Home lamination is enough for two weeks. If you repeat the procedure carefully and regularly - it will create the appearance that the hair straightened forever.

Straightening Care Tips

Masters after laminating hair do not recommend:

  • Use equalizers
  • At least a couple of days after the procedure should refrain from additional straightening. And if the lamination itself was done carefully and neatly, nothing else needs to be aligned.
  • You can wash your hair at least the third day after lamination. Better still later.

How is the procedure dangerous for hair? For laminated hair, do not curl. It is a little, but damages the hair. He does not need additional injuries. Wait two weeks for the lamination effect to go away, and then move on to new procedures. Carving not only improves the appearance of the hair, but also nourishes the curls from the inside. If after that expose the hair to a rough external effect, the effect is lost.

Bio straightening

Not all hair straightening procedures are safe for healthy hair. Bio-smoothing does without formaldehydes and their derivatives that can damage hair. Straightening is carried out by means of white henna with keratin, which nourish the hair from the inside. Thanks to white henna, the hair becomes more obedient, and keratin smoothes the hair and gives it a mirror shine.

Thanks to the appearance of such an innovation, you can enjoy smooth hair without compromising the health of the hair.

Hair dryer and straightener

If you believe the opinion of professional hairdressers, there is no way that would help to straighten forever curly hair. The most affordable and ingenuous way is straightening with a straightener or hairdryer. When you do not abuse them, regularly use a repair mask for the cut ends, then the hair will not be damaged much, and the styling will look good. To straighten your hair with a hairdryer yourself - you have to get a little used to it, gain experience, as this does not work out right away for everyone.

To straighten, in addition to the hair dryer, you need a round comb made of natural bristles. This styling has one significant drawback - with high humidity, the hair will begin to curl again. A good fixing varnish can fix the situation. Exactly the same situation with rectifiers.

By the way, using them is very simple. But when buying, you should pay attention to the material of the heating plates. It must be of high quality and expensive. When using the iron, try to straighten your hair at minimum temperatures. Do not abuse the rectifier - maybe once every two days, not more often.

Special cosmetics

Most cosmetic brands today produce special hair care products with one effect or another. Thus, among them, you can find tools for straightening and smoothing hair. These are such products as shampoos, balms, masks, oils.

In order to feel the result, select funds according to your hair type, use regularly, following the instructions. Better take the whole line in the complex. Curls from cosmetics alone may not align, but they will become much more obedient.

  1. I really liked bio-straightening. This hair straightening for a long time. I had Afro-curly hair, and now it’s straight and smooth. I'm just thrilled!
  2. I chose the method of home lamination because of its cheapness and naturalness. My hair became a little dry, but overall the result met my expectations.
  3. And I have been using the iron for many years and do not bother. Hair will not be damaged if you use high-quality heat-shielding products before straightening. Well, of course, use good shampoos and masks.
  4. I want to try keratin straightening. A friend did - everything is super, you will envy. And most importantly, you do not need to waste time laying. Combed - and already a beauty!

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