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A friend registered me on the site without my knowledge. She felt that after a divorce from her husband, I must quickly find my true love. Honestly, I didn’t really believe in such sites and refused to visit them. In the end, I can say thank you to my friend, she was able to find my soulmate faster than me. Now I am really happy and believe in love again.

I decided to write a review because I myself was in search of a safe site for dating girls for a long time, but for a long time I could not find anything. During the time spent on the site, I have never met empty pages, fakes, bots - only live content on the site - for me this is an important quality criterion. That is, we can judge that this is strictly monitored. What I like most is that in the search you can filter profiles, since I often look for girls to travel. If convenience and safety are just as important to you, you should take a closer look and register.

Free dating sites

If you choose not the most reliable site, online dating can turn into a banal pumping of money. Resources where you need to pay for each action are not uncommon, but whether they help a woman or man to find a person for a serious relationship is a big question.

Most resources offer new users free registration. But then the situations differ. On some sites, the minimum of necessary functions is provided free of charge, others require connecting a premium account to search for an interlocutor according to their parameters (gender, age, city), communication and even viewing profiles.

You can search for a normal dating site for a long time yourself without a divorce for money. To do this, you will have to register on different resources, test their functions in order to find one that will allow you to get to know and have a relationship with a real person. We decided to help you with this and ranked the best sites for free online dating.

Among them there are those where you can chat, share photos, find a user according to your criteria, to offer him friendship, without paying a dime. Free dating sites without any premium accounts allow you to chat, schedule appointments, and change contact information. But the commercial part is in each of them: gifts, promotion of the profile in the search and other advantages always remain paid.

Who is behind the avatar

Dating sites without paying correspondence are most popular with users. The more accessible the resource, the more people there who come without a specific goal: to chat, flirt without further development of relations. It’s similar to the situation with offline dating clubs: in an elite establishment there are more chances to meet a partner who is serious about relations. And this is a kind of measure of security: if a person is able to pay for a VIP account, then he has the appropriate income and is ready to invest financially in relationships.

A free dating site without VIP status allows anyone to look like they wish for the Internet space: a poor student becomes a young major, a girl from the village becomes a socialite, a kindergarten guard becomes an oligarch. And who comes to the meeting (if it comes to it) is a big surprise.

Fears and fallacies related to online dating

How to use dating sites to find your soul mate there? The fears associated with online dating are that: “What if I meet a criminal there, a maniac, and a very dangerous person in general?” What can I say? It could be. But in the same way, you can meet this maniac on the street, at a disco, and even at home. The probability of meeting such a person on the Internet is not lower and not higher than on the street. You are very much afraid - protect yourself, meet in crowded places, ask for a phone number, ask for a car number if you will be picked up by car. Such measures will be sufficient.

Another common fear: “Friends will see me. Is it embarrassing what they think? So how am I here ... and getting to know the Internet. Well, I can’t get to know each other in life, is it? ” What in this case? In this case, choose photos where your face is not very visible, and use a fictitious name. That is, conditionally, if your name is Oksana, nothing prevents you from being called Olya. And at the meeting that follows after an online dating, you admit that your name is different. Do not be afraid, it will not frighten your companion, the chosen one. Another name, not a very clear photo - your friends will not figure you out. Believe me, your friends do not surf the Internet in order to identify which sites you are registered on.

With the help of dating sites scammers work who work using any other sites. That is, with the help of dating sites, Alphonse works that breed for money. All sorts of scammers work with the help of dating sites, that is, a charming girl can come to your meeting, spend a wonderful evening and talk about win-win money using the Internet.

Of course, when you read another post on the forum, “Earnings Using the Internet,” you don’t really believe it, because there are a lot of them, and we all know that this is something wrong. But when a charming sensible girl tells you about this, I really want to believe it, because I liked the girl. That is, all types of fraud that exist on the network, they all exist on dating sites. Yes, you need to know that too. But in the same way, when you go to the car forum, you probably also remember that you should not send money to an unknown address.

What dating services are not recommended?

On a dating site, such a thing as virtual striptease is common. You may be offered to put money into some online wallet or transfer a small amount. And for this amount via skype, video link you will be offered to watch a striptease. But very often a girl turns out to be a striptease, with her back to you, and you can see her from the lower back to the neck, this ends the striptease. Therefore, I do not recommend using such services, or even then choose a proven site.

Is it possible to find your “soul mate” on a dating site?

On the other hand, the likelihood of finding a chosen one is much greater than on the same street, in a store, a disco and so on. Why? Because people come in there who want to get to know each other. A man walks along the street in order to get to work, to a polyclinic, to buy a piece of cheese and so on. A person goes to a disco in order to get to know each other, though more often this is an acquaintance for one night. But on the Internet there is a person who really wants to get to know each other. Therefore, there are normal people whose purpose is to get to know each other.

There are a lot of stories when people accidentally go to the site ... I had such a case in practice, when a young man, under the influence of a friend, posted his profile, removed it two days later. But during these two days he already found a girl for himself, who later became, and is still, his wife. That is, there are a lot of such cases. And the probability of getting to a normal person on the Internet is quite high.

Goal setting: why and with whom do you want to meet?

We start any business with goal setting. And placing a questionnaire on a dating site is no exception. That is, first decide: why are you posting your profile there. At first glance, you place there, in fact, to get to know each other. Get to know why? Set yourself a small goal - who do you want to find? Imagine this person. Do not idealize it too much - this is an eternal problem. We are waiting for princes on white Mercedes and princesses with the fifth size, long legs, very smart. And then we are surprised: why are there none? Well, because they are not.

Both men and women have their drawbacks. Therefore, imagine a real person, perhaps with the shortcomings to which you agree. If you imagine it properly, it is very likely that it will soon appear in your life, for example, through a dating site. So, you have decided on who you want to find, you approximately know why you are looking for a person. You want a short-term romance, you want a telephone conversation or virtual communication in general - this must be understood.

What photos to use for your profile?

So, we have decided. What do we do next? Further we select photos. This is an important point, because on the site we do not have the opportunity to talk with a person yet, he does not have the opportunity to see you. Therefore, the photos will say a lot. What is worth considering? Firstly, do not upload 15 photos, just 2 photos are enough, on one of which your face will be at least a little visible, and your figure will be visible on the other - this is enough. I say again, too many photographs are debatable.

Photos should not be too frank, of course, if you are not looking for dating only for sex. In all other cases, find the photo more modest, because even a photograph in a swimsuit will suggest that you are interested in dating for bed and nothing more. Accordingly, people will write to you exclusively for acquaintance with this purpose. So, the photo is more or less modest.

As for photoshop. Everyone is playing it now, many people know how to use it. Without extremes - I am not against Photoshop, you can gloss over something, tint something somewhere, but do not forget that you should be on the photo. Because very often a person coming to a meeting may not even recognize you, because you weren’t in the photo, there was, say, a charming young girl with white hair, and you’ve been a brunette for 10 years. Accordingly, the photograph should still be informative.

You know how skillful makeup, here you can take a photo - skillful makeup. But you can not wear a mask. Otherwise, there will be disappointment from the first minutes, you simply will not like a person. Falling in love with photography is quite difficult, do not believe the stories that a man fell in love with photography and then did not notice the difference. Will notice. He will notice and be disappointed. You picked up a photo.

What to indicate in the application form when registering on a dating site?

What next? Next is the writing of the text. The two main parameters that you will have to perform on any site, in any profile are “About Me” and “Who I am looking for.” It is very important what we consider here. Firstly, it’s not worth it to overly originalize, some are sinning by this. Not some, but many. Many visitors to a dating site try to write something so original that it becomes scary and there is generally doubt that a reasonable person writes, an adequate person. Such a person will not be answered, because he was too original.

On the other hand, excessively dry, empty descriptions are also bad. And gray: "I am looking for a man with a sense of humor." About nothing. As always - the golden mean. Try to write something about yourself, if you are a girl, then be sure to write something about your appearance. Do not be afraid, do not be shy. You love yourself, allow yourself to write: “Charming brunette” or “blonde with a beautiful figure” and so on. That is, some of your good qualities related to appearance.

When you require something from your future chosen one, then fill in the column "Who I am looking for." Also, do not need to be too original, let’s say so. Because you can meet ads from the series: "I am looking for a Martian with a beautiful character." Well, probably fun. But only if the man wants to call himself a Martian, and who will it be - the one who will be ready to call himself a Martian? Martians, obviously, like Napoleons, live, so to speak, in certain medical institutions. But you do not need one, you are looking for a normal person.

It also does not make sense to write down all the requirements that you have for the chosen one: that he be well-off, of such and such a growth and such and such a zodiac sign. You greatly narrow the circle, you can scare away just that very wealthy man, because no one wants to be met for money. Therefore, be brief. If you are looking for a normal, real relationship, I always recommend, write: “I am looking for a man (woman) to meet in real life”, in order to cut off at least a few people who have been sitting on a dating site for years, and during that time on a single date, they just communicate virtually. If you need it, please. If not, write immediately "for meetings in real life."

A few more words about the rest of the points that you will have to fill out. No need to fill out everything. Comes to funny. Sometimes here I am advised how to fill out a questionnaire. For example, a woman diligently fills in the item “body hair”. I am very surprised when I report that, in fact, this item is for a man, and it is not worth writing that they are not by nature.

Also, women should be more careful when filling out the “sexual preferences” section. If this section is on the site, this does not mean that you need to write down in detail everything, everything that excites you and what doesn't. Why? Because, again, you will be written by those who seek exclusively one-time sexual relationships. If this is not your goal, leave this section blank. Then you will deal with your chosen one personally - what excites you.

For men, another recommendation. When filling out the questionnaire, some men who are ready to try three-way sex note: “I am looking for a girl or a couple w + w”. If you want to find a normal girl - do not write this, because not a single normal girl will answer a man who is looking for a pair of f + f. If you are still looking for this pair, start two separate profiles. You will have one for threesome sex, one for dating a normal girl, if you need one. That is, do not mix. It is also not recommended to write “I am looking for a girl from 18 to 88” - this is also alarming, even if you are comfortable with any age. That is, set the boundaries. They should not be too narrow, but they should be.

So, we have an announcement ready. Another small recommendation for women: if you are looking for a man not married, advertise better on Friday evening or Saturday morning. This, of course, is by no means a guarantee, but at least it will protect you from married men and from men who have nothing to do at work, who simply play in a dating site. Therefore, it is better: Friday is evening, Saturday is morning. If a person does not have a family, he is not busy with anything these days, perhaps next Saturday he will dedicate it to you.

How to choose a dating site for posting profiles?

Well, we have prepared a text, we have prepared photographs, it’s time for us to choose a site for dating. There are a great many of them. What do I usually recommend? I recommend choosing one large site with a very large number of visitors, with a single database. And one small site that you like. Get into the search engine, look, pick up something that will fall on your soul. Two sites, you can three. But keep in mind that if the site is large, then your profile will work for the first few days, if then you do not raise it again. Therefore, post the questionnaire directly when you are ready. When the photos are ready, a text about yourself and so on.

Best dating sites - TOP 10

One of the oldest dating sites in Runet (he is already 15 years old!). The audience of the site is more than 30 million people from various countries. In general, in this article, I just could not help but put this site in first place (especially since I myself was once registered on the site).

  1. huge reach and large audience,
  2. кроме стандартной возможности поиска по городу и полу, присутствуют разнообразные фильтры: искать по роду занятий, вредные привычки, типаж, материальное положение и т.д. Правда, не все заполняют эти данные, поэтому выбор будет не репрезентативная.
  3. присутствуют истории о лучших свиданиях и сумасшедших романах, увенчавшихся свадьбой (естественно, судьбу изменил сайт мамба),
  4. возможность вести дневник.

  1. quite a lot of spam, and extremely suspicious persons (many inappropriate, sending pretty personal photos after 2-3 messages),
  2. poor functionality if you do not buy a VIP account (by the way, profiles with a VIP account are shown above),
  3. deleting negative comments,
  4. not always adequate support service.

Acquaintances from appeared on the net in 2007 (how long and recently it was). As the name implies, the main purpose is to meet new people, communication. Registration on the site is completely free, over ten million users are already registered (the number is growing every day).

  1. a large number of people (profiles) from Russia (probably one of the largest among competitors),
  2. wonderful options to find your soulmate (applications like “Kiss and get acquainted!”, “Sweet couple”, “Pickers", etc. - help to find an interlocutor in a playful way. After all, many do not dare to write directly in the forehead.),
  3. Convenient filters for searching for the interlocutor on the main page of the site (by the way, it shows how many people are registered). Usually, the system itself determines your city and location,
  4. You can see recently registered users,
  5. There are Top 100 guys and girls from your city,
  6. there is an opportunity to find travel companions (if you want to go to another city, or even a country!),
  7. if you don’t know how to start communication beautifully, there are interesting and original greetings on the site (they will help!).

  1. as elsewhere - there are many outsiders who are not looking for anyone, they just need to know your data for their dark affairs,
  2. many questionnaires have poor filling,
  3. a lot of spam.

Also very, very famous social. network for dating. It is worth saying that there is a rather large audience - more than 50 million users are registered. You can start using it even without registration (by the way, it is free and does not take much time). One of the best sites in Runet for dating with a variety of goals: creating a family, simple flirting or friendly correspondence.

  1. large audience
  2. in addition to direct acquaintance, you can create your pet on the site, engage in it, play various games and have a good time,
  3. various promotions, events, tournaments, etc.

  1. “steals” time (thanks to various entertainments and games - time flies by unnoticed),
  2. many arrogant personalities, inadequacies, fakes, etc.,
  3. unobtrusive fundraising - part of the services is paid.

Translated from English - the name of the site will look like "Planet of Love" (one of the main competitors to the first three sites). Just imagine: every day about 800 thousand users visit the site! The figure is large enough, and that it is an active audience (and not just "dead" profiles, once registered people).

  1. excellent search, including more than 100 criteria (allows you to find a person for all your requirements),
  2. the ability to comment on photos of other participants,
  3. Private private chat
  4. sending and receiving likes,
  5. the ability to keep a diary
  6. contests, tops, promotions, etc. are held,
  7. in addition there is a chat, forum, photo albums (general and erotic), a mailbox,
  8. You can send a surprise or a voice message.

  1. there are fakes, although there are fewer of them than on similar sites,
  2. paid deletion of the questionnaire (so be careful)
  3. approval of the photo may take more than one day,
  4. ignoring this or that user does not always work, messages from him all the same come.

An ambiguous site that more closely resembles the usual social. network, with a minimum set of specified data. True, however, the site is very popular, attendance of more than 300 million people a month! By the way, there are a lot of foreign citizens on the site, so if you know English - a big plus for you!

  1. large audience of the site from different parts of the World,
  2. completely free communication (in some social networks, additional funds may be requested for the transfer of communications),
  3. global coverage (especially relevant, who wants to get acquainted with a foreigner / foreigner).

  1. there are robots that are apparently created to diversify communication so that you are not bored,
  2. weak filter for searching profiles.

A good free dating site with your audience (it loses to the previous one, but still quite numerous). Separately, a rather good search can be noted, in which in addition to the area (as in similar projects), you can specify a much more accurate location for the search for the interlocutor. In addition, later, it will be possible to see on the map where it is located.

  1. very interesting discussions and diaries (vital questions are raised, the audience is live, there are topics for hot communication and debate),
  2. it is accurately shown on the map where your interlocutor is located (city, district),
  3. the site maintains a relative order: you are unlikely to find many profiles (if your city is small), but they are all active (and not some kind of robots),
  4. a lot of entertainment - interest groups, applications, you can complain, block inadequate,
  5. periodically free of charge raises the profile in the search results.

  1. not as large an audience as the previous ones,
  2. many profiles hang over the years (apparently people just like to spend time).

A very old dating site in RuNet. Millions of users are registered, and not only from Russia. The design is simple and not toss, good functionality. By the way, registration on the site is very simple and will not take you much time - 2-3 minutes, no more.

  1. to start communication, you must specify the minimum data set (or on some sites - you need to reveal almost all the ins and outs),
  2. you can raise the questionnaire to a higher place,
  3. there are filters for the block, for those who decide to post intimate photos,
  4. there is a function "Video Call", which allows users to communicate in a voice and see the interlocutor,
  5. raising a questionnaire in the search (free!),
  6. thousands of girls and boys online at any time of the day.

  1. many old profiles that have not been active for a long time,
  2. many anonymous and young.

8th place -

The resource was created relatively recently (last year). About 1.5 million profiles are registered on it. Nevertheless, it is worth noting immediately the rather high activity of network users.

When registering, you must specify the work number of the mobile phone (on the one hand, for security reasons, a big plus, minus - for those who want to remain completely anonymous). Some services are still under development and it is not possible to evaluate them.

For payment you can get small opportunities (for example, games), otherwise the site is completely free. In general, I recommend trying, especially since the audience is growing daily!

9th place -

One of the most popular international dating sites - more than 14 million profiles around the world! When registering, you will need to fill out detailed information about yourself (pass the test). On the one hand, this is a minus, on the other hand, it eliminates complete inadequacies, and subsequently allows you to search for an interlocutor taking into account the nature of the character, psychological compatibility (this is not very common.).

Despite such seemingly good protection, nevertheless, there are a lot of spam accounts. The site is especially relevant for those who want to meet people and people from abroad. He is not so interesting to the Russian audience.

I would also like to add that some functions require payment: for example, viewing other people's profiles, full communication, etc.

10 place -

A classic dating site with a pretty good audience (over 3 million). By the way, the site is quite mature - it was created already in 2007. The most important feature of the service is its focus on a mobile audience. The site is fully adapted for mobile phones, using it from your phone is very easy and simple.

After you register on the site, your profile will be visible to other users (priority is given to people who are from your city). Over time, your profile will shift down as new users register. There is a service for raising the profile, you can raise it to first place again.

For the rest, the dating network is fairly standard: there are profiles with or without photos, the audience is rather diverse (there are a lot of not quite adequate ones), there will be many comments on beautiful photos (by the way, they are available for viewing to other users).

For an additional fee, you can select your profile (VIP status), you can put it on the profile of the day, or add it to the feed. In general, everyone will find out about you and have time to get to know each other, but to you - only have time to answer!