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Convert CD to MP3


With the growing popularity of portable MP3 players, MP3 files have become readily available. If you burn MP3 files to a CD and try to play it in a standard CD player, then most likely you will not hear anything. Similarly with WAV files: downloading them to an MP3 player, you probably will not be able to listen to them. Windows Media Player is preinstalled on any version of Windows. Using this program, you can copy audio files from a CD and save them in MP3 format.

Convert CD to MP3

If you open the CD in "Explorer", you may notice that the disc consists of files in CDA format. At first glance, it may seem that this is a common audio format, but in fact it is the metadata of a track that does not have a musical component, therefore converting CDA to MP3 by themselves is meaningless. Actually, audio tracks are encrypted, so converting CD to MP3 involves both extracting the tracks themselves and adding CDA metadata to them.

Specialized programs such as audio converters, grabbers and conventional players are suitable for this purpose.

Method 1: Total Audio Converter

    After selecting the optical drive with a CD in the Explorer program, a list of tracks is displayed. To select all the songs, click on "Select all".

Choose "Continue" on a message about a limited version of the application.

In the next tab, you need to set the conversion options. Select the save folder of the converted files. It is possible to automatically add to the iTunes library by checking the corresponding box.

Set the value of the frequency of the MP3 output file. You can leave the default value.

When you press "Start conversion" a tab with all the information for the conversion is displayed. At this stage, the correctness of setting the necessary parameters is checked. To make the files available immediately after conversion, check the box “Open folder with files after conversion”. Then choose "To begin".

After some waiting, the conversion process ends and a folder with converted files opens.

Method 3: VSDC Free Audio CD Grabber

VSDC Free Audio CD Grabber is an application whose purpose is to convert an audioCD to another music format.

    The program automatically determines the audio disc, and displays a list of tracks in a separate window. To convert to MP3, click "To MP3".

You can edit the parameters of the output sound file by clicking "Edit profiles". Select the desired profile and click on "Apply profile".

  • To start the conversion, select "Grab!" on the panel.
  • At the end of the conversion process, a notification window is displayed "Grabbing is completed!".

    Method 4: Windows Media Player

    Windows Media Player is a standard application of the same name operating system.

      First you need to select a CD drive.

    Then set the conversion options.

    We determine the format of the output sound file.

    Set the bitrate in the menu "Sound quality". You can leave the recommended value of 128 kbps.

    After determining all the parameters, click on "Copy from CD".

    In the next window, put a check in the corresponding warning window on the responsibility of using the copied data and click on "OK".

    Visual display of file conversion.

    At the end of the conversion, files are automatically added to the library. A clear advantage of Windows Media Player over other programs is that it is preinstalled on the system.

    The considered applications solve the problem of converting the CD format to MP3. The differences between them are in the individual options that are available for selection.

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    How to rip music from a CD to a computer using Windows Media Player

    If you removed the shortcut of Media Player from the desktop, you can launch it from the menu: “Start” - “All Programs” - “Windows Media Player”.

    We insert the CD or DVD into the drive and in the main menu of Media Player, select “Copy from disk”.

    We choose whether to enable or disable copy protection and understand “what music is. protected by copyright laws. ". Then click OK.

    Copying audio files to the hard drive begins.

    By default, a folder with the music of the album is created in the standard folder “My Music” on drive C. You can get to it through the folder “My Documents” or through the menu: “Start” - “My Music”.

    Here you can see that the copied files have normal "megabit" sizes.

    Unfortunately, the files were copied in the "Windows" wma format, which is not uploaded to Lira posts. But we have an old friend - the Format Factory program, which very quickly and efficiently transcodes wma to mp3. It is enough to select "Audio" - "All in mp3" in the menu and drag the wma-files into the program window.