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How to upgrade your attack level in RuneScape


On whom it is better to train. The answer is unequivocal: those who attack you do not run away, not one appears in this place and almost does not hurt you. For example, for a large demon you can get 194 experience, and for a ghost - 70. But. to kill a demon painlessly, you need to have very large stats (about level 70), it’s much easier to nail a few ghosts. Therefore, for quick pumping, you can just stand in the middle of a crowd of harmless monsters that attack you.

Battle stats 20-20-20-20 (Attack-Defense-Strength-Health) in the chicken coop at Faladora with 700-1000 people on the server swing in 2-3 hours! (+ meat, but if you fry it it is still 1-2 hours). Then you get (or ask someone) a mithril weapon and go to beat man level 9 in Al Kharid or Ghost Town (Edgeville). Dial 30-30-30-30! (or 35.). Then Dwarf or Warrior in Al Kharide (level 18) to 40-40-40-40.
All this with armor and weapons only takes 5-8 hours!

Up Can I buy some horse or donkey so that he can carry ore?
There are no horses, and from transport only teleportation to the center of Lambridge, Varroc or Falador. At the same time, 3 more places for runes are spent.

You can cling to someone (do follow), with someone along the way.

You can try to hire a low-level player to carry prey.

Up Maybe there are some secrets, could you devote me to them?
Full of "Secrets", they are disclosed in the Tips section.

What are lags?
This is such disgusting.
Lags (lags) - this is when the game freezes, due to the fact that the connection to the Runescape server is poor (somewhere along the way there is not enough bandwidth). In Wilderness, this is deadly, especially if the lags are not for everyone, but only for you!

How to quickly get a lot of money?
What is the easiest way to make money?
Making money at Runescape is hard.
Here are some basic ways to get rich:
1. To extract coal (coal) and sell to players at

100gp apiece.
2. Catch fish (swordfish) or crayfish (lobster) and sell to players.
3. To mine ore, to smelter, to do things and to sell.
4. Make amulets of gold and precious stones and sell.
5. Hunting players in Wildernes (very profitable, but difficult).
6. Trade, resell things.
7. Run naked on Wildernes and collect good things.
8. Beat monsters from which something valuable falls out.
9. Deception to receive other people's money or things (scam, scam).

Which is better to develop, attack, defense or strength?
What is more important to develop, attack, defense or strength?
To a value of 40, it is better to develop everything at the same time, and then only strength.

It is recommended that you strive for an attack / defense / strength / health ratio of approximately 50/50/70/60.

Which is better, a large bow or crossbow?
What is better to shoot with a large bow or crossbow?
A long bow is better because it shoots at a greater distance.

What is Prayer and why is it needed?
Prayer is a prayer. In the runes window in the upper right corner there is a red book, and in it the Prayers tab. The prayers are listed there. They can be activated. At the same time, prayer points are spent. You can replenish them at the altars. And to increase the level of Prayer you need to dig in the bones.

What to do in this game?
You can do what you want, no specific goal!
First you can go through all the quests.
Then they usually want to get the best armor, the best weapon, get into highscores, etc. etc.

Where are experience points written?
On the screen with skills, if you hover over a skill, then at the bottom there will be how much experience (exp) there is in this skill and how much is needed for the next level.

How do I join a clan?
Each clan has its own page on the Internet, on which everything is written - how to enter, who is accepted, who is in charge, etc.
I have links to the pages of many clans in the Links section.

In Windows XP, after choosing world, the rune is not loaded. What to do ?
I reinstalled windows from 98 to xp and I need java to play Runescape if someone knows where to get tell me please.
Why in my runescape, after choosing world, this small runeovsky screen remains black, in short it does not boot?
After choosing world runes do not load and that’s it. What to do ?
Why when I go to the runscape it writes to me like: Java machine required tra-ta-ta. I press download and it doesn’t download :( How to fix it? I have Windows XP.
In short, maybe I’m very dull, but I’m poking on the play game, a window for choosing the type of game appears, I press the free game, then the next window loads, but only two ads are loaded (top and bottom) and the central window (as I understand it, the game) does not plow. I didn’t download anything before the game, what kind of client can I have?
I can’t play RuneScape because of problems with Java, I have Windows XP. What to do ?
I see a frame and a small square, how to turn it into a rune?
For all Windows XP users, if Runa does not load, check for Java, as a rule, it does not exist in Windows XP!
Download the sanava java from or from here Java (about 10 Mb).
Or install any other Java Virtual Mashine if Sun's aren’t comfortable with you.
Or install WinXP SP1 from
Or put yourself Netscape Navigator from 7th version with built-in java (somewhere around 20 Mb)

How to play through proxy?
Tell me how to play through proxy!
Put dignity java (, and it automatically uses the proxy of your browser. and if it doesn’t use it, then go to the console and press "p" then "q" (the console will close), so it should be for sure.

My nickname in RuneScape: Wirra
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Last update: 08.23.2003

Skills Edit

At the moment, the game has 25 skills (Eng. Skills). During the game, the user improves his skills, gaining experience. The higher the level, the more new opportunities open to the player. The total level of all skills (Eng. Total Level) determines the player’s place in the table of records (Eng. High Scores). The maximum level of each skill is 99 (except for Dungeoneering, there are 2 milestones here - level 99 and 120). Upon reaching this level, the player gets the right to wear a special coat (which can only be bought in the paid version of the game), as well as perform a special emotion that emphasizes skill in a certain skill. The bulk of the skills is available both in the free (to-play) and in the paid (pay to play) version.

The list of skills of the free version:

  • Attack (Eng. Attack) - affects the chance of getting and causing damage. Also allows the player to use more powerful weapons.
  • Strength (Eng. Strength) - affects the hit power and the recorded number of lives. It also makes it possible to use the best weapons and wear different armor.
  • Defense (English Defense) - reduces the chance of losing health units. In accordance with the level of protection, the player can wear certain armor.
  • Health (Eng. Constitution) - the number of player lives.
  • Shooting (Eng. Ranged) - affects the accuracy of the shooting and the force of getting from ranged weapons. Also allows the player to wear more powerful ammunition.
  • Magic (English Magic) - determines what spells a player is capable of producing, but does not determine the strength of damage, each spell has its own limit of damage that they can inflict.
  • Prayer (Eng. Prayer) - the higher the level, the greater the variety and duration of the prayers, which in essence are short-term bonuses to certain skills (combat).
  • Runecrafting Runesrafting - affects the number and variety of runes made.
  • Ore mining (Eng. Mining) - affects the variety and speed of ore mining.
  • Blacksmithing (Eng. Smithing) - allows you to make armor and weapons yourself (swords, clubs, battle axes, etc.).
  • Fishing (Eng. Fishing) - increase the speed of fishing. Also, as it increases, it allows you to catch new types of fish.
  • Cooking (Eng. Cooking) - reduces the chance of burning food, allows you to cook new dishes.
  • Kindle Fire (Eng. Firemaking) - allows you to burn various types of firewood and light sources of light.
  • Logging (Woodcutting) - affects the speed of felling and the types of trees available.
  • Craft business (Eng. Crafting) - gives you the opportunity to make yourself various objects from leather, glass, clay, precious stones and metals.
  • Dungeon Research - An exploration of the dungeons in the ruins of Daemonheim, is a separate game, but in integrity is a separate skill.

Skills available only in the paid version:

  • Agility (Eng.) - allows you to run longer and faster to restore running energy, as well as significantly reduce the road by overcoming obstacles.
  • Sorcerer (Eng. Herblore) - determines which herbs a player can clear and which potions to prepare.
  • Theft (Eng. Thieving) - determines which characters a player can rob.
  • Making bows and arrows (English Fletching) - gives the player the opportunity to create ranged weapons.
  • Killing (Eng. Slayer) - as you level up, new monsters for killing are available. If the level is not high enough, the player may not be able to inflict damage to the monster at all, or the process of killing can be very long.
  • Agriculture (Eng. Farming) - allows you to grow various herbs, vegetables, bushes and trees.
  • Construction (Eng. Construction) - enables the player to build his own unique house.
  • Hunter (Eng. Hunter) - catching animals in a variety of ways - from simple nets to complex traps.
  • Summoning (English Summoning) - the ability to summon various creatures that help both in battle and for peaceful purposes and the ability to get pets.

Many skills features of the free version also become available only in paid.

Quests Edit

The quest in RuneScape is a series of tasks that the player receives from non-player characters (Eng. NPC). To complete the quests, as a rule, a certain level in some skills is required. There are also tasks requiring the participation of two or more players. Quests are divided into 6 categories, according to difficulty level:

  1. newbie
  2. medium
  3. experienced player
  4. master,
  5. Grandmaster
  6. special.

The quest may take 10 minutes, or it may take several hours. After completing the quest, the player receives a reward. The reward may be money, access to new skills, items, experience, or access to a previously closed location.