Useful Tips

Login to Skype via username and password


To enter the Skype system, the above actions will be enough.

After you logged in and produced skype login to your page, a welcome message will appear on Skype where you can select the functions of checking communication and sound, read updates for the system, search for friends and make communication with pleasure. If you do not want to see a greeting at the beginning of the system’s launch, then after entering Skype, remove the icon opposite the “show window at startup” function and thus you will get rid of an unnecessary property.

Skype for computer download without registration

How else can a new user log in to Skype?

In the system launching window, enter your personal login that you assigned to yourself and the password created for logging in. Using this data, you can log into the system from virtually any device, which is very practical. Below you will see two functions:

  • Automatic authorization at system startup. This function means that when the program starts, Skype will be logged in automatically without the need to enter a username and password each time. This property is very convenient to use on your PC. In public institutions and other people's computers, you should not use this property.
  • Start the system when you turn on the PC. This function indicates that the system will log in automatically when you turn on your PC. This is a very useful feature. If you have a Windows operating system, you can download Skype for Windows 7 for free here.

After entering the program, a welcome window may appear. If desired, you can make sure that this greeting does not appear in the future. You can easily check the connection if you have a built-in microphone and speakers. Even if you do not have all the necessary headset, as well as a microphone and speakers, you can communicate via Skype, sending quick messages in your chat. You should select an icon to use Skype.

However, for video communications, you need a microphone and speakers. The application uses a headset for a PC, not for mobile devices. It is connected using two separate connectors: for a microphone and for speakers. Innovative headset types can connect to a USB port. There should also be a microphone in the headset. You can buy a special handset with two connectors for connecting to a PC. The headset, which will work in the Skype application, can be purchased in a specialized Skype online store.


The authorization procedure is somewhat different for the PC version, mobile application and the official Skype site. Therefore, we offer separate instructions for each case.

In fact, there is nothing complicated in entering your own account. First you need to run the program, then the corresponding form will appear.In the first field, type the correct username (it does not matter case) and click "Further". On the next page you need to enter a password and click on the confirmation button. If everything went well, the contact window will load.

Mobile app

As soon as the application starts, a window appears with the inscription "Welcome ...". At the bottom of the screen there is a button "To come in"tap on it.Now enter the registration data one by one and go to your profile.

Official site

To log in to your page on the official Skype website using your username and password, do the following:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on "To come in"and then on "My account".
  3. Enter Login and click "Further".
  4. Type the password and click on "Entrance". If enable "Remain in the system", then re-authorization in this browser is not required.

Now the profile view page will open. To switch to the web application, click on the username and select "Use…".

How to enter skype via login and password?

To enter, you need to run the application itself and click on the "Skype Name" entry. Now you need to enter your data: username and password. After these simple steps, your account page will appear on your screen.

The corporation did not cancel authorization using such data, but, unlike before, it added login to the account through the Microsoft account. As a result of linking it with Skype data, you can use any of this information to go to your own profile.

Of course, you can log in to Skype without a Microsoft account, but the proposed option, in my opinion, is quite convenient.

Attention!No password and loginit’s impossible to log in to Skype.

How to enter skype through a browser?

If you do not want to be tormented by the solution of the question, why does not work enter Skype through the program, I advise you to use an alternative measure - non-installation login to your account, which has already been registered.

In the window that opens, click "Login" and enter the data: username and password. The username can be an email address, the username from Microsoft, the username of Skype itself, or the number of the telephone device that is associated with the account. Now after login to the page, you can fully use your account.

How to enter Skype using Facebook?

There is another great option that allows you to easily log into Skype - via facebook.

Open your Facebook social network. If you are logging in this way for the first time, then enter the mail address in the first column, and the password in the second column, and click "Enter."

After these steps, you will be available to switch between social networks online.

How to enter skype if you forgot your password?

if you failed to log in due to the fact that you have forgotten your password, do not worry. For all cases there are solutions.

Launch the Skype program and in the lower left part of the screen click the “Can’t log in to Skype?” Button.

A special recovery form will open in the browser.

Enter the mail address or phone number and click "Enter code".

Next, open and see the code that came to you in the mail or phone.

On the recovery page, enter the code you received. If you received a letter, then you can simply follow the link. There are two ways: change the password or log in to your account. I suggest to go the first way.

To do this, click the "Change Password" button, enter a new password and select "Save".

Now you can log in with the new data.

Why can not I log in to Skype?

If a unable to login in Skype, then try reinstalling (updating) the version of the messenger. To do this, you just need to go to the official website of the program and select the required option.

Remember, in the United Arab Emirates this program will definitely not work.

If updating the version did not solve the problem, then follow these steps, such as:

  1. Check if the WAN is connected,
  2. See if the program’s service interruptions
  3. Make sure you can open the login screen,
  4. Check your details,
  5. Check your software
  6. Verify the removal of the shared.xml file.

If the above steps did not help you, then ask a question to the technical support employee.

Go to Skype, knowing your data, is not a problem. The user may encounter problems, but often this happens when something is wrong with the program. But to solve the problem is not at all difficult.